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Specializing in Cutting-Edge Chemical Engineering and Production

We are your single-source chemical contract manufacturer, providing strategically optimized services for your unique market. We offer responsive, long-term production solutions for all of your custom chemical products, enabling us to become a virtual extension of your company’s development process and supply chain. Our advanced facility specializes in drum and spray drying, as well as batch reaction chemistry and solid/liquid blending capabilities.

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Chemical Drying Solutions

Chemical Drying Solutions

Valentine Chemicals utilizes a number of drying technologies to convert the most challenging aqueous mixtures, slurries and sludges into free-flowing stable powder or flakes.  From small pilot-scale to large commercial-scale production, we can identify various cost effective options and manage your specific drying needs. 
Blending Solutions

Blending Solutions

Powders and liquids are expertly and routinely blended at the facility, often utilizing various sizes and combinations of paddle blenders and/or mixing tanks. The precise addition of product components before, during or after spray or drum drying is often key in optimizing production rates/yields, product characteristics, and product performance.   Let us help you find the optimum combination.
Chemical Reactions

Chemical Reactions

Our specialty chemical batch reactor plant was originally designed to perform multi-stage exothermic reactions in the production of proprietary thermoset resins, phenolic novolaks and resoles. By utilizing the design flexibility of the various reactors, the plant has effectively transitioned to producing a wide range of exothermic and endothermic batch reactions.  Much of the production from the plant is dried and/or blended into finished products. 
Additional Services

Additional Services

Valentine Chemicals offers a complete range of complementary services in support of our chemical manufacturing capabilities including, but not limited to, surface treatments, product grinding/milling, repackaging, product testing and inventory management.

Ingenuity in the Art of Chemical Engineering and Manufacturing

Valentine Chemicals began its commercial operations in 1938, manufacturing resin from sugar cane bagasse in our first of many innovative chemical manufacturing processes. Throughout the last eight decades we have substantially expanded our engineering, production, warehousing and transportation services to offer a streamlined, single-source solution to all of your enterprise’s unique chemical production needs.

Our unparalleled expertise, efficiency and responsiveness have enabled our company to become one of America’s leading providers of specialty commercial and industrial chemical products.


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