Paddle Drying – How and Why It Works

Paddle drying is a semi-batch mechanical process that utilizes indirect heat transfer to dry organic and inorganic granular and powdery slurries or sludges. In this process, material is dried (or cooled) through direct contact with revolving, uniformly shaped hollow heaters (paddles). Evaporation rates are maximized per square foot of heat transfer surface area with the equipment’s self-cleaning paddles and high degree of mechanical agitation.

The final moisture content and other physical properties can be altered by adjusting the heating (or cooling) medium temperature and/or rotation of the paddles.

Unlike conventional spray dryers, the Paddle Dryer does not use hot air or gas as the heating medium. Hot air is used only as a carrier to prevent evaporated vapor from condensing.

Paddle Drying – Valentine Chemicals

Valentine Chemicals operates one K-S Paddle Dryer to assist customers with all phases of product scale-up and commercialization. The energy efficient design provides a cost-effective method for reducing the moisture content of difficult to manage slurries and sludges prior to packaging or shipment.

Versatile Paddle Drying Solutions for Your Custom Chemical Products

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