Custom Chemical Manufacturing Services

Valentine Chemicals is your single-source strategic custom contract manufacturer for drying, chemical reaction, blending and packaging solutions. We specialize in providing innovative cost-effective options for producing and packaging specialized products for specialized applications.

We strive to provide your business with long-term innovation, value and growth. Our unparalleled focus and versatility enables us to become a natural extension of your product development, commercial production and supply chain operations.

28 ft. Spry Dryer Cone

Drying Solutions and Services

If you are looking to transform an aqueous mixture, slurry or sludge into free-flowing stable powder or flakes, Valentine Chemicals can provide a solution. Armed with a number of technologies and techniques, we are uniquely qualified to identify the most cost-effective drying options based on a complete evaluation of liquid feed physical characteristics and final product specifications. From small pilot-scale to large commercial-scale production, we can manage you drying needs.


Chemical Reaction Solutions and Services

Originally operated to produce proprietary resins and molding compounds, a series of Stirred Batch Reactors can be configured to perform various single-stage or multi-stage endothermic or exothermic chemical reactions. Often used to produce the aqueous mixtures or slurries converted on-site to powder or flakes, the equipment is available for performing other reactions requiring limited or no distillation/recycle.

Packaging - Bulk Bags

Blending Solutions and Services

Utilizing multifunctional storage and blending equipment, Valentine Chemicals is able to provide simple or complex powder-powder, powder-liquid and liquid-liquid blending services. Following blending, material can be dried or packaged per customer instructions.

DSC_0040 (3)
Fine Grind Plant (2)

Additional Solutions and Services

Valentine Chemicals also offers a number additional services to support customer needs including, but not limited to material grinding/milling, repackaging, relabeling, warehouse storage and onsite lab analysis. If you have a specific need, just ask.

Ingenuity in the Art of Chemical Engineering and Manufacturing

Valentine Chemicals began commercial operations in 1938, manufacturing resin from sugar cane bagasse in our first of many innovative chemical manufacturing processes. Throughout the last eight decades we have expanded our engineering, production, warehousing and transportation services to offer a streamlined, single-source solution to all of your unique chemical production needs.

Our unparalleled expertise, efficiency and responsiveness have enabled our company to become a leader in the custom manufacturing of specialty industrial and commercial chemical products.