Stirred Batch Reactor Solutions and Services

Valentine Chemicals has a long history of executing various multi-step inorganic chemical reactions. Due to the extensive drying capabilities on-site, many of the reactions routinely performed produce intermediate aqueous mixtures or slurries which are spray dried or drum dried to powder or flake finished products.

Our reactor plant was initially designed and built to perform complex multi-stage exothermic reactions for the production of proprietary thermoset resins, phenolic novolaks and resoles. The complexity of the orignal operations provides considerable flexibility in adapting the equipment to multi-purpose, multi-functional custom manufacturing production.


Batch Reaction – Valentine Chemicals

The Valentine Chemicals batch reaction facility is fully enclosed and houses four-3,000 gallon, 304 stainless steel dimple jacketed reactors rated at 125 psi / 28” Hg vacuum. All four reactors are equipped with internal stirred agitation, steam heating, water cooling and connected to a dual liquid-ring vacuum system. Three of the reactors are configured with overhead condensers, two of which are designed with internal cooling/heating coils. One reactor is equipped with internal finned tubes, making it ideal for rapid heating and cooling.

The reactors are configured for batch reactions and closed vessel distillation capable of drawing reflux in multiple stages. Auxiliary equipment used to support the reactors include two automated 1,500 gallon stainless steel weigh tanks (load cells).

The weigh tanks can be charged using a series of transfer lines and pumps as needed to support various material physical characteristics and pumping requirements. To guarantee the accuracy of reaction formulations, transfers from the weigh tanks to the individual reactors is monitored/recorded using inline mass meters with secondary confirmation by load cells. Additional raw material handling and addition systems are incorporated to accommodate the addition of raw materials in smaller quantities or other forms (solids).

In addition to the four reactors located in our batch reaction facility, Valentine Chemicals has purchased two larger batch reactors (10,000 gallons and 12,000 gallons) and is actively evaluating construction of a second batch reaction facility to support current and future custom manufacturing production.

Batch Reaction – Applications

Batch reaction is an efficient chemical manufacturing process for performing various multi-step inorganic chemical reactions. At Valentine Chemicals, batch reactions are integral to our complete manufacturing solutions for an array of market applications and customized products, including:

Water Treatment

  • Flocculants
  • Detergents

O & G

  • Friction Reducers
  • Fluid Loss Additives


  • Crop Application Enhancers

Personal Care

  • Skin Care Additives

Animal Nutrition

  • Feed Enhancers
  • Supplements

Specialty Chemicals

  • Coatings
  • Pigments

Versatile Reaction Solutions for Your Custom Chemical Products

Valentine Chemicals delivers a complete range of production, blending, packaging and warehousing services at the speed, efficiency and quality your business deserves. We strives to exceed your expectations by providing long-term, single-source contract manufacturing solutions. Streamline all of your chemical production needs by partnering with one of America’s leading custom contract manufacturers.