Additional Solutions – From the Laboratory to the Warehouse

At Valentine Chemicals, we strive to deliver maximum value through our strategically engineered in-house production and processing capabilities. We take pride in our status as a leading contract manufacturer, propelling your products from the development stage to the marketplace while optimizing them for sustainable, cost-effective manufacturability every step along the way.

Valentine’s complete contract manufacturing solutions include the ability to cool, solidify, grind, blend, screen and package powders. Additionally, we can provide your business with the expert engineering and efficient post-production solutions that will streamline both the development and commercialization of your custom products.

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Our value-added services include

  • Powder Grinding and Milling
  • Product Repackaging / Relabeling
  • Lab QA/QC
  • Warehousing Services
  • Project Engineering and Management
Powder Grinding and Milling Services

Powder Grinding and Milling Services

Our powder grinding facility is equipped with numerous mills to efficiently handle a range of unique materials and powders. The largest mill is a Jeffrey mill handling materials varying from “baseball sized” to “table salt sized”. On the other end of the spectrum, our finest mill is a Micro Pulverizer capable of handling powders down to 50-100 micron (~200 mesh). Intermediate blending is done in our paddle blenders and can be done in batch mode.
Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

Our on-site lab performs a variety of customer QA/QC services based on customer approved lab methods. For powder products, analysis routinely include moisture, particle size, density and reconstituted viscosity.
Project Engineering and Management

Project Engineering and Management

Backed by over 80 years of innovation and transition, Valentine Chemicals balances engineering principles and developed techniques to identify custom solutions to solve the most challenging production problems. By deploying a variety of technologies and techniques, we are uniquely qualified to produce and convert the most challenging aqueous solutions, slurries and sludges into free-flowing stable powders or flakes.
Product Repackaging / Relabeling Services

Product Repackaging / Relabeling Services

Valentine Chemicals can efficiently package or repackage custom products into paper valve bags, full open seal top bags, super sacks, fiber drums, pails, etc., and palletized to any specification. Liquids can be packaged or repackaged in totes, drums, pails, etc.
Warehousing, Storage and <span class="nowrap">Inventory Control</span>

Warehousing, Storage and Inventory Control

The Valentine Chemicals facility maintains over 50,000 square feet of dedicated raw material and finished product warehouse storage, including 5,000 square feet of cold room storage with pallet racks. Interconnecting concrete roadways allow safe and expedient transfer of raw materials and finished products to and from our dedicated loading dock.

Ingenuity in the Art of Chemical Engineering and Manufacturing

Valentine Chemicals began its commercial operations in 1938, manufacturing resin from sugar cane bagasse in our first of many innovative chemical manufacturing processes. Throughout the last eight decades we have expanded our engineering, production, warehousing and transportation services to offer a streamlined, single-source solution to all of your enterprise’s unique chemical production needs.

Our unparalleled expertise, efficiency and responsiveness have enabled our company to become a leader in the custom manufacturing of specialty industrial and commercial chemical products.