Manufacturing Solutions for Over 80 Years

Who We Are

Valentine Chemicals is a fourth generation privately owned and operated custom contract manufacturing company providing high quality chemical production services to a diverse range of industries including:

  • Water Treatment
  • Oil & Gas
  • Personal Care
  • Agriculture
  • Pet/Animal Nutrition
  • Specialty Chemicals

Strategically located on the Gulf Coast approximately 45 miles southwest of New Orleans on the site of a former sugar mill, the company was founded in 1938 to develop new and innovative uses for the primary sugar cane processing byproduct (bagasse).

After successfully developing and manufacturing a number of commercial resins and molding compounds, the site transitioned from the production of commodity chemicals to custom chemical manufacturing to meet a growing demand for specialized drying and blending services.

What We Do

Valentine Chemicals takes pride in being among the industry’s most resourceful and responsive providers of custom drying, reaction, blending and packaging services. By deploying a variety of drying technologies and techniques, we are uniquely qualified to convert the most challenging aqueous solutions, slurries and sludges into free-flowing stable powders or flakes.

To complement our core competencies in drying liquids to customizable powders and flakes, the site integrated a series of Stirred Batch Reactors designed to react and blend many of the proprietary intermediate aqueous solutions and slurries routinely dried at the facility. Finally, versatile multi-purpose storage, blending and packing equipment allows Valentine Chemicals to offer a wide range of liquid-liquid, powder-liquid and powder-powder blending and packaging options.

What We Believe

Valentine Chemicals is committed to Operational Excellence in meeting the needs of our valued customers and strategic partners.

Centered on Safety, Health and Environment
Focused on Quality and Reliability
Committed to Service and Continuous Improvement

Your Single-Source Contract Manufacturer for Custom Chemical Solutions

Valentine Chemicals delivers a complete range of production, blending, packaging and warehousing services. Streamline all of your chemical production needs by partnering with one of America’s leading customer contract manufacturers.