Success Stories

*One of our current companies first called needing immediate assistance to fill a surge in orders that their spray dry toller could not fill. While our capacity was tight, we still assisted this customer by rapidly locating an alternate vendor. However, that vendor needed our assistance to learn how to spray dry the product and get the orders filled. We accomplished these objectives in such a short time that the customer wanted Valentine to supply all their powder needs. We agreed and installed additional capacity to handle the business. Once again, our response and installation of the new equipment greatly exceeded customer expectations. As a result, we signed an exclusive four-year contract with this new account.

* Another customer first called us asking us to spray dry a polymer because they were unhappy with the drum drying procedure being used by their vendor. They were also unhappy with the service being provided by this vendor. They wanted to see if a spray dried powder was better. We immediately went to work and shortly devised a method to spray dry the polymer with superior properties over the drum drying technique. The customer was so pleased that we received a contract to spray dry 100% of this product requirement.

* Very recently, a bioremediation company was also unhappy with their spray dryer provider. They were, however, reluctant to leave this vendor because of a complex and confidential exothermic reaction, which had to be conducted to provide the liquid slurry that then was to be spray dried. Valentine came highly recommended; however, the customer expected it would take a lot of hands on instruction from them for Valentine to perform and control the process. A confidentiality agreement was signed and they gave Valentine the procedure. We performed the reaction and spray dried the slurry in our laboratory. The results were so impressive that the customer flew to our facility to observe a small, successful production trial. We are currently scaling up to perform a full size production trial.

Bottom Line : "Our Can Do Attitude Makes the Difference To Develop New
Business and Maintain Current Customers."