Success Stories

One of our customers first called with a surge in orders that their spray dry toller could not fill yet our spray dryer was too large for it. We surveyed the market and located an alternate vendor, developed a procedure, taught them how to spray dry the product and we got the customer's orders filled. We did this all in a less than two months, such a short time that the customer offered Valentine a multi-year contract to supply all their powder needs. We agreed, engineered, located and installed the right sized spray dry and handled the business. Once again, our response and installation of the new equipment greatly exceeded customer expectations.

Another company came asking us to spray dry a polymer, because they were unhappy with their contract dryer. We immediately went to work and soon devised a method to spray dry the polymer with superior properties over what their vendor had done. They were very pleased with the service that we negotiated a contract to spray dry 100% of their products.

A California bioremediation company was unhappy with their spray dryer provider. They were, however, reluctant to leave this vendor because of a complex and confidential exothermic reaction, which had to be conducted to provide the liquid slurry that then was to be spray dried. The customer expected it would take a lot of hands on instruction from them for Valentine to perform and control the process. After our confidentiality agreement was signed and we received the procedure, Valentine preformed a lab batch reaction and spray drying so well that this California customer contracted with a South Louisiana company for full size production.

Bottom Line : "Our Can Do Attitude Makes the Difference To Develop New
Business and Maintain Current Customers."