Spray Drying

Valentine provides custom spray drying to a growing family of customers utilizing spray dryers from 3 ft to 28 ft in diameter. The rated evaporation capacity for these units ranges from 1-3000 lbs/hr of water removal.

Our 3 ft unit is used for pilot plant/laboratory work, the 7 ft dryer can be used for pilot testing or production, while our 28 ft unit is used for production runs.

All our spray dryers are Bowen, conical, wheel atomized units constructed of 304 SS. The droplet size produced by wheel atomization produces a fine uniform powder and the large Bowen conical drying chambers permits gentle drying to minimize thermal degradation.


Equipment Systems

Raw Materials Handled Types of Reactions Run

General Comments

3 ft Bowen: Pilot. Centrifugal atomizer. Production rate: ounces/hr

7 ft Bowen: Pilot/Prod.Centrifugal atomizer Production rate: lbs/hour (baghouses only)

28 ft Bowen: Production.Centrifugal atomizer.Production rate: tons/hr

Materials spray dried include:
phenolic resin, latex, clay, rare earth, polyacrylamide, magnesium peroxide, dyes, fish protein, porcelain frit,

Products handled mainly water-soluble polymers

Set up to handle water borne slurries using centrifugal atomization, which gives a finer particle than spray nozzles but requires a viscosity less than 10,000 cps.

A gallon slurry sample can be evaluated on our lab spray drier to estimate its behavior in the production spray drier plants.